I am currently taking on new clients for video and phone therapy to take account of social distancing measures and increasing needs for flexible support during the current coronavirus crisis.

Confidential support by a qualified, experienced helper can make a huge difference, whether it is possible to meet face to face or not. I can also negotiate on fees, depending on your circumstances, which may also be changing due to current circumstances.

All our lives are changing incredibly fast, and life is uncertain for everyone, and often confusing and anxiety provoking.  Social distancing and self-isolation mean less contact for some, but more for others, with couples, families and housemates spending more time together than they are used to without their normal routines. Many are also naturally worried about vulnerable and elderly friends and relatives, work and incomes, schooling, relationships, and access to services and supplies.

In addition to the pressures of the coronavirus, whatever difficulties you may have been dealing with before may come under extra pressure too.

I am a qualified and registered counsellor and can work with you on finding a way through difficulties and distress in your life.  I make use of a range of psychological and practical approaches to help you find ways of relieving your unhappiness and making beneficial changes. Some people might be looking for support dealing with difficult emotions and experiences, others want to understand more about why things have gone wrong or roots in the past, and others want help deciding what action to take.

Whether you want just a few therapy sessions – which can make a big difference – or would like to explore your issues in more depth over a longer period, I can help. You may want to focus on a particular problem or want support in a crisis, or wish to explore your life experience or past more deeply.

I offer a reduced-fee initial session costing £25 to help decide whether I am the right therapist for you. This will give you a chance to tell me a bit about your current difficulties and what you are hoping for out of your  therapy.

Please feel free to get in touch on 07900 257150 or by email at lizdriscolltherapy@gmail.com to find out more about how counselling and psychotherapy with me might help you, or to make an appointment.


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